Your tailor made suite..

..made by us in our tailor shop here in Pattaya. We have a wide variety of fabrics and patterns to chose from. We have a large stock of fabrics which you can look at and touch.
You have a favorite jacket that tore or doesn't fit anymore? We can make a fresh copy for you. Just bring in the original. If you don't have that with you we can also take your size and you can chose your fabric.

35 years ago we opened our tailor shop in Pattaya. Many of our customers are visiting us since years and sometimes decades. They keep returning due to our high quality and craftsmanship.

Come over to have a look or give us a call/send a whatsapp if you have questions. You can find us here: Tailor Shop

We open daily from 10am to 10pm.

We're looking forward to finally meeting you.